Bible Prophecy with Dr. Jimmy DeYoung Part 1 of 4

Dr. Jimmy DeYoung is one of America’s foremost Bible prophecy teachers and a journalist who travels the world speaking about Bible Prophecy.

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Dr. Alveda King Had Two Abortions, She is Pro-life Today. What Changed?

Dr. Martin Luther King’s niece Dr. Alveda King had two abortions. today she is one of America’s foremost Pro-life advocates.

In 2008 she wrote the book How Can The Dream Survive if We Murder The Children?: Abortion is Not a Civil Right.

In this interview on In Your Corner with Kerry Pharr, Dr. King tells what changed her heart and mind on Abortion.

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Zig Ziglar’s Secret of Success

“Zig Ziglar’s most famous quote says “You can have everything you want in life if you just help enough other people get what they want.”

In this interview Zig and his son Tom Ziglar explain how anyone can apply this rule and others that Zig used to become known around the world,  monumentally successful, and wealthy.

These practical principles are laws of nature and will work for anyone who applies them. 

Listen to this podcast with Zig and Tom and learn the secret of their success. 

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Gang Member, Drug Dealer, Crack Cocaine Addict Asks God to Save Him

William McKeller was a gang member and a drug dealer who became addicted to crack cocaine.

He was an addict for seventeen years. The addiction became so bad that he wanted to die instead of living life as an addict. Life was hopeless until he cried out to God to save him from this horrible addiction.

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Delivered From Crack Cocaine & Heroin

Delois Clark was addicted for most of he life to crack cocaine and heroin. 

She said that once she gave her life to Jesus Christ she was delivered from addiction and that even her morals changed.

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What You Can Do To Help A Family Member Battling Addiction

Rebecca Pendergras is the Vice President of Pinnacle Treatment Centers of America.

In this Podcast Rebecca shares priceless information on how you can help a family member who is battling addiction and even save their lives. 

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Fatal Heroin Overdose

The youngest of three brothers with an alcoholic father battles addiction for over 20 years until he suffers a fatal heroin overdose. It doesn’t have to be that way for you. There is hope. You can be set free from addiction

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Recovery Radio

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Wife/Mother Becomes Addicted to Alcohol After Postpardum Depression

After giving birth to her son Cole Lori Payne had postpardum depression. She began drinking a little wine hoping to ease the pain of depression. She became addicted to alcohol and lost everything dear to her in life. Listen as Lori shares what set her free from alcoholism on this edition of Recovery Radio with Kerry Pharr.

NFL Star Becomes Addicted to Pain Pills

Greg Gaines was a professional football player. He played linebacker for the Seattle Seahawks. Greg had over 40 different surgeries while playing in the NFL. After each surgery the doctors would prescribe strong pain medication. Greg became a full blown addict to pain pills. Listen as Greg Gaines shares his story of addiction on Recovery Radio with Kerry Pharr.