Former gangster | Christian | Recording Artist | L. G. Wise

L G Wise was a gangster, a drug dealer in the mean streets of New York City. After he got out of prison some members of his gang family, his homies decided to kill him. As a gun was placed to his head L G cried out to God to save him. God saved him that day and transformed him into a new man. Today he’s an international recording artist. He shares his story on this edition of In Your Corner with Kerry Pharr.
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Hall of fame country singer Jimmy Fortune

Jimmy Fortune toured, sang and performed with the legendary Statler Brothers for 21 years. Fortune quickly lived up to his name. He wrote the group’s second No. 1 hit, “Elizabeth,” on their 1983 album Today, and followed that with two more No. 1 hits?”My Only Love” (from 1984’s Atlanta Blue) and “Too Much On My Heart” (from 1985’s Pardners in Rhyme). After the Statler Brothers retired on October 26, 2002, Jimmy seized the opportunity to launch a solo career to share new music with his fans. Listen to Jimmy share his story and sing two songs on In your corner with Kerry Pharr.

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Robert Crutcher – It all went up in smoke

Former boxer/drug dealer Robert Crutcher was selling $40,000 of marijuana per month before he got busted and went to Prison. He’s now a preacher of the Gospel. He shares his story on In Your Corner.

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Black Hawk Down | Soldier Survives Battle of Mogadishu

A rocket propelled grenade flew by his head and exploded against the wall behind him. Six inches closer and J. T. Cooper would have been dead. Why did he survive while some of his friends died in the battle for Somalia at Mogadishu? J.T. Cooper shares his story in this Podcast.
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Baseball Player Becomes Heroin Addict | Tyler Bowman

“Tyler Bowman was an athlete who became addicted to drugs and ultimately Heroin. He lost many friends to addiction and even his wife. Heroin almost destroyed Tyler as well. In this podcast he shares what saved his life.”

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Murder, Drugs, Kickboxing and Jesus | Scott Thorson

“Former kickboxing champion Scott Thorson shares his amazing story of going through mental illness after the murder of his mother by his stepfather. Scott was almost destroyed by drug addiction, mental anguish and sexual depravity before crying out to God to deliver him.
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Rescued From Suicide

Kerry Pharr was at the lowest point of his life. He had just lost his childhood sweetheart and wife of more than thirty years to Breast Cancer. He was going through incredible axiety and grief.

He was alone driving across a 100 foot bridge in St. Petersburg Florida when he heard a voice from the dark side say – “Stop the car and jump to your death.” As he was contemplating suicide he heard another voice that saved his life.

Listen as Kerry explains what helped him continue with his life after contemplating suicide.

Blackbelt Contemplates Suicide

Stan Harris is a mountain of a man. At six feet two inches tall and 250 pounds of muscle he is a man’s man. Stan is a powerful man, he can bend steel bars with his bare hands, he can smash through a pile of concrete blocks with a mighty thrust. He’s a modern day Samson, a real tower of strength.

No one would ever dream that the mighty Stan Harris had ever thought about suicide. But suicide doesn’t care how big, bad or strong you are. When pain, sorrow and depression strike even the strong are brought to their knees and have thoghts of ending it all.

Don’t be discouraged if you’ve had these thoughts life becomes unbearable to most people at one time or another.

Listen and be encouraged as Stan Harris and Kerry Pharr discuss this sad time in his life and how he found victory over suicidal thoughts.

Conquering Suicidal Thoughts with Therapist Danette Baird

Are you contemplating suicide? So did I, but I was able to overcome those thoughts and carry on with my life.

Please realize that you can screw up a suicide and if you do, it’s not a pretty thing. A friend of mine put a gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger. Unfortunately he didn’t die. But he became a blind, disfigured, handicapped young man who suffered for years before falling down a flight of steps that ended his life.

We invite you to take a few minutes and listen to this discussion between Kerry Pharr and Danette Baird on how to  overcome suicidal thoughts.

Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Don’t quit.

Bobby Hayden Heroin Addiction

Bobby Hayden Jr. was a child prodigy. A rock singer who played on national TV as a child. He became addicted to fame and then to Heroin. His home was a cardboard box under a bridge in Los Angeles. He was living life in the fastest of fast lanes, approaching death at 100 miles an hour. Someone reached down to him, he was lifted up, delivered and healed. Hear Bobby’s amazing story on today’s edition of In Your Corner.