Kerry Pharr – Speaking

In his long career as a boxer, professional boxing trainer & promoter Kerry Pharr has rubbed shoulders with the incomparable Muhammad Ali, boxing greats Jack Dempsey, Rocky Graziano, Joe Frazier, Sugar Ray Leonard, Tommy “The “Hit Man” Hearns and many others.

Kerry has been knocked down in a boxing ring and he has also been knocked down by the circumstances of life. A victim of sexual abuse while a child, Kerry grew up an angry young man. He became a social misfit who was often in street fights, in trouble in school, and in trouble with the law.

At age fifteen he was questioned for assault and arrested for car theft. He became a drug abuser and was headed on a path to destruction.

At nineteen he married his childhood sweetheart Diane and became convicted of his sin when their only child Christy was born four years later. Kerry gave his life to Jesus Christ and within the next year Pharr enrolled in a Christian University majoring in Speech Communication with a Pulpit emphasis.

Kerry contemplated suicide after losing his wife Diane to Cancer in 2001. In the darkest moment of his life, God impressed upon Kerry’s heart that he still had a purpose for him. Since that day God has used Kerry to write nine books, including an Amazon best seller, host a Christian television show on two national networks and to speak to thousands of people in America and Canada.

God gave him another friend and companion when he married his second wife Lanita. In the midst of heartache Kerry learned that you can have joy in your life again even after experiencing great sorrow.