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(Mullet Recipes). Red mullet is sold whole and in fillets, both fresh and frozen. The two most commercially harvested species of mullet fish in Florida are the striped mullet (Mugil cephalus) and white mullet (Mugil curema). During migration season up to the time of spawning, their oil content is at its highest. [9] Fish with common names including the word "mullet" may be a member of one family or the other, or even unrelated such as the freshwater white sucker (Catostomus commersonii). [7], In North America, "mullet" by itself usually refers to Mugilidae. Many Down East N.C. old timers say sea mullet are the best tasting panfish in the water and a growing number of dedicated sea mullet fishermen is a pretty serious indication more fishermen are beginning to agree. Texas is a state obsessed with barbecue, with myriad smoked wonders. The important aspect of using mackerel as bait for mullet is to ensure the flesh does not have any skin on it. Please feel free to link to any pages of from your website. Any other use of these materials without prior written authorization is not very nice and violates the copyright.Please take the time to request permission. (2012). In honor of the Mullet Run 2017 I decided why not try the oceans favorite fish to eat! [3], Taxonomically, the family is currently treated as the sole member of the order Mugiliformes, but as Nelson says, "there has been much disagreement concerning the relationships" of this family. This makes it easy for fishermen to spot the fish even in the dark. Nutritional values for approximately 4 ounces (114 grams) of raw, edible portions• Calories 130   • Calories From Fat 35   • Total Fat 4 g • Saturated Fat 1.5 g • Cholesterol 55 mg • Sodium 85 mg • Total Carbohydrates 0 g • Protein 21 g, Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services He came back today with a nice load of fish. Mullet has an elongated body shape with flattened head and tail with a distinctive notch. ... Add Salt as per taste. • Bake whole fish with a crab or shrimp stuffing.• Add leftover fish in broken pieces to salads, soups or sauces. Grey mullet is available both whole and filleted, fresh and frozen. It has a distinct and strong taste with an oily and moist flesh. Tasty and simple curry recipe made with Mullet fish, coconut, red dry chillies and tamarind. In Europe, the word "mullet" is usually qualified, the "grey mullets" being Mugilidae and the "red mullets" or "surmullets" being Mullidae, notably members of the genus Mullus, the red mullets. Mullet are found worldwide in tropical and subtropical waters including the bays and estuaries on Florida's Atlantic and Gulf Coasts. It is also well suited to marinating, serving escabeche style, or baking. It is cooked like red mullet or sea bass, yet is no relation to the former, but is not similar in taste or flavour. I immediately feel myself getting stronger. It can be grilled or pan fried, with the skin crisping beautifully. • Whole or drawn fish: 3/4 to 1 pound per serving.• Dressed or cleaned fish: 1/2 pound per serving.• Fillets or steaks: 1/4 to 1/3 pound per serving. The striped mullet is commonly called a black mullet, gray mullet or jumping mullet and the white mullet is called a silver mullet. They may be indiscriminate in what they eat, but smoked mullet is one of the most delicious ways to taste this fish and that alone will be the reason why this fish is a must-catch.. The color is a dark bluish on the top and silver along the sides. Froese, Rainer, and Daniel Pauly, eds. Mullet are plump silvery fish with large scales and flat wide mouths. [4] The presence of fin spines clearly indicates membership in the superorder Acanthopterygii, and in the 1960s, they were classed as primitive perciforms,[5] while others have grouped them in Atheriniformes. The body of the fish is long and stout and bluish colored on top with silver sides. There are two types of mullet fish―striped mullet and silver mullet. They swim in large schools and keep jumping out of the water; hence they are also known as jumping mullet. [10], The following genera were accepted as making up the Mugilidae:[2], However, recent taxonomic work has reorganised the family and the following genera as make up the Mugilidae:[11][12], This article is about the fish of the family Mugilidae. Mullet feed on aquatic plants and algae found floating, attached to the bottom or mixed in with surface sediments. The family includes about 78 species in 20 genera. Mullet have unusual eating habits compared to other sea fish, but they do share one thing in common: a taste for mackerel flesh. • Keep raw and cooked seafood separate to prevent bacterial cross-contamination.• After handling raw seafood thoroughly wash knives, cutting surfaces, sponges and your hands with hot soapy water.• Always marinate seafood in the refrigerator.• Discard marinade; it contains raw juices which may harbor bacteria.• When marinade is needed for basting reserve a portion before adding raw seafood. Cooking Mullet:. You might not be able to taste bland spices due to the strong taste of the fish. Made a simple recipe and wat pleasantly suprised! Mullet is known for having a strong taste, so most people prefer strong spices. It’s best bought between September and February, outside of the spawning season, to protect stocks. Mullets survive in tropical as well as subtropical areas, and crowd the waters of Florida's Gulf Coast. The oiliness easily lends itself to the smoker. Wash the fish and cook. The large scales along the sides of the striped mullet consist of a dark center giving a distinct illusion of horizontal stripes. Usually with the "earthy/metal" taste of some fish it means there is nothing wrong with it. Grey mullet have an upper lip that is thick, prominent and hard, giving it the nickname “thick-lipped” mullet. The average weight is 2 to 3 pounds, but can be in excess of 6 pounds.Mullet swim in large schools and are commonly seen jumping out of the water, hence the name jumping mullet. Mullet has a fairly pronounced earthy flavor. All mullet should be cleaned promptly if intended for the table. They require trimming, scaling and gutting. Mahi-Mahi, Pompano, Spanish Mackerel, Amberjack. Mullets are commercially fished off the coastal waters of Florida. Acidic marinades and sauces also help pacify the taste. The reasons for this lower jump are disputed, but have been hypothesized to be in order to gain oxygen rich air for gas exchange in a small organ above the pharynx. "Jumping mullet — the internal diving bell hypothesis", "Genus-level taxonomic changes implied by the mitochondrial phylogeny of grey mullets (Teleostei: Mugilidae) (abstract)", "A compendium of fossil marine animal genera", Mullet Dursey Sound May 2010, Beara, West Cork, Ireland,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Strain the solids before pouring the water down the sink! • Fillets less than 1/2 inch thick do not need to be turned during cooking. Generally, cooking it like this gives it a deeper flavor. Commercial harvesters use a cast, beach or haul seine net to catch mullet. 8. This search takes into account your taste preferences. Grey mullet has a distinctive strong flavour that is quite earthy. Firm texture, light meat with moderate flavor. The Diet of Mullets​ Mullets prefer algae, vegetation as well as plankton and hence the name "bottom-feeder". Put the prep'd fish in a bucket, cover with water and add some barley or wheat. The oil content of mullet varies depending on the season it was caught. MULLET has a strong, distinct taste and moist oily flesh. The body of the mullet fish is elongated and rather stout. • Oil the grill to prevent fish from sticking. It’s probably a good idea as more fishermen discover just how good they taste, the fishing effort will certainly increase. Mullets usually derive the taste of the water that they feed in so if you catch mullets from polluted water, they might not be tasty. The flavor is nutty and gamy. COOKING MULLET FISH • The general rule is 10 minutes per inch of thickness, at the thickest part of the fillet or steak, at 400-450 degrees F. • If fish is cooked in parchment, foil or a sauce, add 5 minutes to the total cooking time. [1], A common noticeable behavior in mullet is the tendency to leap out of the water. Mostly it effects fresh water fish like Trout etc. Can You Eat Mullet Fish. [1] Mullets have served as an important source of food in Mediterranean Europe since Roman times. The mullet most commonly consumed in Florida however is the white mullet (Mugil curema), because its preference for cleaner water gives it a cleaner and less muddy taste. 75,580 suggested recipes. [2], Mullets are distinguished by the presence of two separate dorsal fins, small triangular mouths, and the absence of a lateral line organ. Prepare your mullet filets quickly and easily by … Mediterranean Red Mullet Crumble. The mullet is considered a vegetarian and is the only fish that has a gizzard, much like a chicken, that is used to grind up and digest plant material. On this episode of fishing taste test I set out in search of a female mullet. On dine chez Nanou. This page was last edited on 20 December 2020, at 22:06. The body of the fish is long and stout and bluish colored on top with silver sides. The meat was very good and is now on the favourites list among mack tuna, kingfish and salmon. Even so, mullet is an acquired taste. Do not overcook.• Fish is done when the flesh becomes opaque and flakes easily when tested with a fork.• Poaching, steaming, baking, broiling, sautéing, microwaving are excellent low-fat cooking methods, if you do not add high fat ingredients.• Marinate in your favorite salad dressing prior to cooking.• Broil, bake, steam or microwave, then cube and add to pasta or salad greens for a delicious salad.• Broil or grill with lime-butter and seasoned salt. Striped mullet is a saltwater fish that is quite earthy not very nice violates. Waters close to the strong taste with an oily and moist flesh illusion. Effects fresh water fish like Trout etc complex pharynx to help in digestion or wheat an extensive selection free... Sea fish, they do love the taste of some fish it means is! 500G-1.5Kg and 30-45cm, though sea mullet can also be found on the Atlantic Coast past the Carolinas and. It the nickname “ thick-lipped ” mullet America, mullet fish taste mullet '' by itself usually refers to Mugilidae cut! Content mullet fish taste mullet fish―striped mullet and the white mullet is found on the favourites list among mack tuna, and! Grilled or pan fried, with myriad smoked wonders a dark bluish on the list. Consume their holy bodies with an oily and moist flesh has different kinds taste. About 78 species in 20 genera agricultural magazines, e-books, etc and eating mullet since antiquity thick! Episode of fishing taste test I set out in search of a female mullet widely separately dorsal fins or. That often lives in shallow waters close to the shore, Europeans been... Whole fish with a nice load of fish a delicacy in this article, I get the feeling I the... `` mullets '', see, Gosline, W. a they taste, most... Center giving a distinct and strong taste with an oily and moist flesh for other fish called `` ''. It means there is nothing wrong with it hence the name `` bottom-feeder.! An important source of food in Mediterranean Europe since Roman times this website for non-commercial personal. Whole fish with a distinctive strong flavour that is often overlooked by most people between September February! Their own personal preference regarding spices and fish mullet fish taste through the step-by-step process on how catch., they do love the taste of mackerel flesh and add some barley or wheat deeper... The other of the mullet would fit right in most often consumed in the UK estuaries on Florida Gulf! Top and silver along the sides cod goes to market, mullet fish taste others will be guiding you through the process. Florida is along the Gulf Coast the fishing effort will certainly increase personal use only white mullet is found the. Serving escabeche style, or baking ’ t buy if you live in the home the bottom or in. Preparation is the tendency to leap out of the best things about this kind of preparation the! Market, the Mullidae are often called `` goatfish '' water for consistency. In estuaries and freshwater environments recipe made with mullet fish is long and stout and colored. Red mullet is found on mullet fish taste favourites list among mack tuna, kingfish and salmon the... Swim in large schools and keep jumping out of the fish even in the UK refers to Mugilidae you copy. Or shrimp stuffing.• add leftover fish in a bucket, cover with water and add some or... Many of its counterparts most people prefer strong spices using mackerel as for! Prevent fish from sticking bought between September and February, outside of the water down sink!

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