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His Resume | Crack Cocaine, Heroin Addiction, Attempted Murder, Prison

Brad Kellett was a normal teenager who was introduced to crack cocaine by a friend. The friend introduced him to Heroin. Brad became addicted and after 13 arrests  he did the unthinkable, he stabbed a security guard with a six inch buck knife.  The security guard nearly died. Brad was charged with attempted murder and sent to Prison.

Very few people ever recovery from a life like that. Listen to Brad as he shares his amazing story of recovery on this edition of Recovery Radio with Kerry Pharr.


Wife/Mother Becomes Addicted to Alcohol After Postpardum Depression

After giving birth to her son Cole Lori Payne had postpardum depression. She began drinking a little wine hoping to ease the pain of depression. She became addicted to alcohol and lost everything dear to her in life. Listen as Lori shares what set her free from alcoholism on this edition of Recovery Radio with Kerry Pharr.

NFL Star Becomes Addicted to Pain Pills

Greg Gaines was a professional football player. He played linebacker for the Seattle Seahawks. Greg had over 40 different surgeries while playing in the NFL. After each surgery the doctors would prescribe strong pain medication. Greg became a full blown addict to pain pills. Listen as Greg Gaines shares his story of addiction on Recovery Radio with Kerry Pharr.

One Step Drug Addiction Program

Tom Cannon became a drug addict. He tried to hide his addiction but it became worse. He was losing everything he had and someone came to the rescue and gave Tom a one step recovery program. Listen to Tom as he shares his one step program on Recovery Radio.

Baseball Player Becomes Heroin Addict

Tyler Bowman was a gifted baseball player. While in college he left baseball for a girl. With time on his hands he felt a tremendous emptiness and was introduced to drugs by his friends. He began popping pills and became addicted to opioids which led him to Heroin and a full blown addiction. Listen to Tyler as he shares what set him free from addiction.

Recovery Radio Episode 1

Recovery Radio was established to share encouraging stories of men and women who have been set free from addiction. Alcohol and or drugs no longer have to control you. Put yourself in the driver’s seat and begin a new chapter in your life. Listen to Recovery Radio and learn the secret to being set free from addiction.

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