Lessons Learned From The Boxing Ring – Face Your Fear

Fear comes to us in the form of a Giant opponent. It often looks like we are facing Goliath and we’re in over our head. In this program I share how a young boxer Adam Richards faced fear and how the great motivational speaker Zig Ziglar Embraced the Struggle of dementia late in life.

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Champion Boxer Contemplates Suicide

He was a world champion boxer. They him called him Mad Dog. When his career ended Gene “Mad Dog” Hatcher went into a state of depression.

He placed a .45 to his head and started to pull the trigger. Something stopped him. Listen as Gene shares what saved his life.

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World Boxing Champion and Karate Legend Troy Dorsey

Karate Legend and world champion boxer Troy Dorsey talks about how living in the fast lane almost destroyed him and his career.

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Man Set on Fire in Meth Lab Explosion

Rodney Williams was a meth addict and an alcoholic for over 20 years but all of that changed the night he was set on fire in a crystal meth lab explosion.

Listen to Rodney as he shares what saved his life.

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Elvis, Hank and Jimmie

Hank Snow introduced Elvis on October 2, 1954, when he appeared on his portion of the Grand Ole Opry. Colonel Tom Parker was Hank Snow’s manager and the two were partners in Hank Snow enterprises and Jamboree Attractions. They agreed to partner in the signing and promotion of Elvis. 

Jimmie Snow was instrumental in helping Parker and his dad sign Presley. In this Podcast, Jimmie reveals how Parker manipulated the contracts and kept the management of Elvis Presley to himself.


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Nascar Legend Darrell Waltrip

Darrell Waltrip raced in Nascar’s top series for 29 years. Waltrip was controversial and outspoken for most of his career. Listen to this Podcast as Darrell shares the inside scoop on his racing career.

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How I Overcame Betrayal

The saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies. It comes from friends and loved ones.

This Podcast is for those who have been betrayed by someone that they loved and trusted. In this Podcast Kerry Pharr shares the secret to overcoming the pain of betrayal.

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Turn Your Story Into A Bestseller

Did anyone ever tell you that you should write a book about your life? In this interview David Sams the TV executive who helped launch Oprah, Wheel of Fortune, and Jeopardy while working at Kingworld shares valuable tips on how you can turn your story into a bestseller. 

When Sams talks about life stories people listen. As a TV Producer, Writer and Director, Sams has won 9 Emmy Awards.

In 2011, Sams launched Keep the Faith Radio. In just two years, KeepTheFaith Radio became the top-rated syndicated Christian radio show in America, with nearly 8 million monthly listeners.


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Bible Prophecy with Dr. Jimmy DeYoung Part 1 of 4

Dr. Jimmy DeYoung is one of America’s foremost Bible prophecy teachers and a journalist who travels the world speaking about Bible Prophecy.

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Dr. Alveda King Had Two Abortions, She is Pro-life Today. What Changed?

Dr. Martin Luther King’s niece Dr. Alveda King had two abortions. today she is one of America’s foremost Pro-life advocates.

In 2008 she wrote the book How Can The Dream Survive if We Murder The Children?: Abortion is Not a Civil Right.

In this interview on In Your Corner with Kerry Pharr, Dr. King tells what changed her heart and mind on Abortion.

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