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Give to The Greatest Need!

Through In Your Corner Ministries, you can give tangible gifts that point needy people to Jesus Christ. Any amount helps. Click any of the links below to Donate. Gifts that aren’t designated will go to whatever the greatest ministry need is.

 10 Chickens $25

A $25 donation will give a family regular access to eggs and meat, and they can own their own business, become self-supporting, and give back to their community. 

Support a Missionary $100

Your gift of $100 helps support our ministry partner missionary Antonia Valdez for one week. Antonia drives two or more hours several times each week to several poor villages in the Dominican Republic. While there she provides food, does a bible study and wins people to Jesus Christ.Support a Missionary



Pair of Pigs $50

A pair of fast-growing pigs and animal husbandry training is an
invaluable gift to a family living in poverty where they can feed themselves and start a business selling meat.

Medicine For a Three-Day Health Clinic $750

Help supply the medicine and equipment for a three day open medical clinic. Our ministry partner Dr. Dan Hale has been buying medicine out of his own pocket and providing free medical care in the poor villages of the Dominican Republic since July 2018. 




Feed A Family For a Month $50

You can provide a month’s worth of food for a hungry family in the poor villages of the Dominican Republic.




Become a Ministry Partner $25

Your gift of $25 a month helps us share the gospel on international television around the world but also helps us send relief to our missionary partners in the Dominican Republic 

Produce a TV Episode $400

Your gift of $400 will produce one TV a program that will share the gospel on international television around the world. If you would like to honor someone we’ll state in the credits that this program was produced in honor of your loved one. 



Build a Multi-Purpose 

Church & Med Clinic 

Your gift of $25,000 canus begin building an 800-1200 SF multi-purpose church building/medical clinic & dig a well with a reverse osmosis filtration system that will provide drinking water for an entire village.   Please call Kerry to discuss how to help. 629-214-9322

Memorial Gifts For Loved One

Honor a loved one with a lifesaving gift. Your donation funds the gospel message & provides food for the poor and needy. Request printed cards to present to loved ones you’re honoring with your gift. 

Bibles For The Poor $75

Your gift of $75 will help 15 people get a Bible of their own in their native language. You can donate the word of God and change a person’s life for eternity.

In Your Corner Ministries

We are a 501(c) 3 not for profit church ministry. Your tax-deductible gift will be faithfully used to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, plant churches, and meet the physical needs of “the least of these”